Research is the means to establish ideas into principles and theories. From the past many years, Amity International Business School is working on the Groundbreaking interdisciplinary research which is relevant to practitioners and policy makers and is of concern for the society at large.  

In accordance with our sincere endeavour to research and advocate best practices in all spheres of  management, we, at Amity International Business School, believe that our fifteenth International Business School Conference – IBSCON 2014 was the best platform to explore, deliberate, discuss and analyze these critical issues and recommend the best strategy to advance forward to ensure success 

along with contentment and happiness. 


Participation of over 500 experts including renowned, academicians, corporate, policy makers, 

ambassadors and strategists from over 40 countries. 

– Research Paper Presentations (for Corporate Leaders, Academicians and Students) 

– Case Study Competitions 

Selected papers/ case studies were Compiled and Published in the Annual Research Journal of Amity International Business School i.e. Amity Global Business Review (ISSN 0975-511X) indexed in EBSCO HOST and Amity Case Research Journal (ISSN No. 2319-9199). 

The major areas for the Research Paper and Case Study Presentations were: 


·         Strategic Marketing & Planning. 

·         Product Portfolio Management. 

·         Consumerization Vs Customization. 

·         Strategic Branding in Global Market Place. 

·         Market Logistics and its importance. 

·         Managing the Supply Chain 

·         Corporate Communication – Role in Marketing. 

·         Ethics & Social Responsibility in Marketing. 

·         Industrial Marketing 

·         Marketing across the Borders 

·         “Sensory Branding” – Importance in Marketing 

·         Customer Relationship Management (CRM) 

·         Service Marketing: Importance of Innovations 


·         HRM and the business environment 

·         Organizational HRM 

·         Talent Management 

·         Human Sigma 

·         Knowledge Management 

·         Strategic HRM 

·         People Management 

·         Industrial Relations & Legal HRM 

·         Employee Turnover & Attrition 

·         Training & Development 


·         Finance & Accounting 

·         International Finance & Trade 

·         Merger & Acquisitions 

·         Derivatives Market 

·         Banking & Insurance 

·         Mutual Funds 

·         Money Management 

·         Return on Marketing Investments 

·         Trends in Consumer Finance Industries 


·         Business & Management Development in Transitional Economies 

·         Business Law 

·         Economic Development Policies 

·         Foreign Direct Investment 

·         International Trade & Management 

·         WTO 


·         Globalization & Culture 

·         Managing Cultural diversity & commitment 

·         Governance in Multiculturalism 

·         Customer Relationship Marketing across ethnic groups 

·         Brand Communication in culturally diverse groups 

·         Human Resource Management & Culture Diversity 


·         Beyond MIS: Towards DSS, ESS & SIS 

·         Enhancing Value Chain by bridging Information Technology 

·         Cyber-laws & Cyber-legislations : Issues for Global Economy 

·         Role of Industry in bridging the Digital Divide in India 

·         E-Governance: Implementation & Strategies 

·         Information Life Cycle (ILC): Implications for Global Organizations 

·         Evolution in E-Commerce in the next decade 

·         Internet Overload: The need for a revamp in the global information super-highway

We would like to thank our management, Head of institute Dr. Arun Sachar sir, faculty co-ordiantors, student volunteers and specially all the participants for making this event such a success.