Recently we were asked by a client to put together some tips on conducting a recruitment interview via Skype. Here's our top 10 tips. Can you add to them?

– Ensure a reliable connection to the internet – avoid wireless if possible

– Close all other applications to help running speed and minimise picture freeze

– Eliminate background noise from traffic, air conditioning or busy open plan areas

– Use a carpeted room with furniture. Empty rooms with tiled floors produce an echoey effect, making the voice sound cold and unwelcome

– Eliminate bright lights behind you. Ensure your face is illuminated artificially or by natural light (by rotating your position to catch light from the window)

– Place books or supports under laptops so that camera lens is at eye level

– Look at the camera lens not the person on the screen. One interviewer taped a photograph of the interviewee over the lens with a small hole cut in the middle to help him focus his gaze!

– Place laptop at arm’s length so the interviewee sees your head and most of body. If too close, your face fills the screen

– Talk slightly slower than normal using pauses for mental catch-up

– Consider using recording software (with the interviewee's permission) to capture evidence. For example, Skype recommends Super TinTin (free trial then about £20)

Bryan Edwards is Managing Director of ABC Training Solutions Ltd ( which delivers training and markets a range of fully-designed, ready to deliver workshops, self study packs and other training exercises for the busy trainer. He can be contacted on 07747 602215 or [email protected]