Next week a few of us are getting together to discuss this very question. This informal get together which will shamelessly draw on inspiration from the ConnectingHR Unconference to hopefully create a similar buzz is happening at 48 Brushfield Street, on November 16th, between 4pm and 7pm. Admission is free and we have a few places left so if you fancy joining us, please drop me a line and I will save you a place.

One of the things we shan’t be doing is any speed networking (aggghhh!). Something we are encouraging our guests to do is to make their own business cards for the event. Why? Well other than a chance to do something a little different and expose your creative side, no good reason. Just seemed like a good idea at the time. Having kicked off this encouragement I got stuck into giving the home made approach a go, and thankfully Keira (aged 7 and 3/4) was on hand to provide artistic direction and lots of help. So I share the results with you in the hope that if you are coming next week you can now see that it’s more about personal touch than artistic quality.

Looking forward to good conversations – and more creativity!

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