There are a huge number of software applications available in the market, and these do everything from maintaining an attendance roll to giving exact information about each employee’s leave record to organizing events. So, what are the prospects for the HR technology industry?

Technologies are becoming obsolete

While it is true that while there are several technologies for HR; they keep becoming outdated once in seven years on average. The time for the next round of HR technology leap is now. There are many features that HR technology helps HR professionals to perform, but there is scope for many more HR functions to be automated. It is estimated that from now till about the end of 2014; there is potential for the entry of many products and tools that aid HR technology.

Scope for more user-friendly options

Another trend that most experts of HR seem to be zeroing on in is that many tools are loaded with many features that are hardly of any use to the professional who uses them. The industry is looking for that one defining upgrade that could take it to the next level. For instance, mobile technologies that enable HR professionals to manage a host of features while they are on the move are being seriously considered as a major disruptive tool in the offing.

Systems consolidation is in the air

Many HR organizations use more than one HR technology for their needs. This makes it a piecemeal, fragmented collection of information. The trend is for HR technology that can consolidate these systems into one. This will mean creation of a new platform for performing many of the HR functions. The scope is clearly there for an HR technology that will assemble all the functions required by HR under one umbrella.

The emergence of the cloud

Cloud computing is the new paradigm in IT systems. It may not do anything specific in relation to HR, but is a serious contender for being the catalyst for major changes in HR technology.

In summing up, it has to be said that HR technology is on the upswing due to many varied factors. The time is now ripe for it to enter the new phase that it should be moving into.


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