Years back I attended one 6-days ‘leadership development’ course. The facilitator was highly popular and sought after ‘guru’ of that time conducting such courses. His modulus operandi was that he would assign one topic or theme to the participants on each day. Participants were asked to prepare a speech on one true incident / story on the given theme of the day and “speak” it to the audience next day with all the vivid expressions, acting, feeling, enactment, etc.  The daily theme varied from sad incident, fearful incident to surprise incident, to name a view. And that’s all that was there in his “leadership” course. If the participant wasn’t able to perform he would shout at the top of his volume with most abrasive language to scold the participant publicly so that he could do it better in next session to save his face. He also warned several of us will indeed drop off by the sixth day. He was quite right. Several guys indeed dropped off as the course went along. Why? The reason I think is that not everyone came to become a flamboyant speaker.

Sometimes I wonder, was he able to make every one of those 30 participants in the course a true leader? He was trying to beat the hell out everyone to “polish” the hidden, impactful, charismatic and influencing public speaker in each of his participant. I am not even sure if most of them already had this one in their personality to some extent. He was probably on one side of the spectrum of gurus who believe that leadership is all about public speaking or they believe communication and outstanding public speaking is the key to lead.

I said in very first post that the day-to-day professionals, executives and employees are not looking to become a CEO level speaker today. Communication and public speaking may be most important piece of today’s globalized world, no doubt, but that’s not THE most important ingredient to achieve personal leadership or personal performance.

Leadership is about bringing the best out of you first and then only it is about you bringing the best among others. Stay tuned for more to know how to bring the best out of you. Over the next several blogs, I will attempt to break the traditional mindset and concept of traditional misconceptions on leadership and performance.

Stay Tuned!!!


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Raman K. Attri is a Training Transformational Consultant, Learning Strategist and Researcher with rare experience in shortening time-to-proficiency of employees performing complex jobs at complex organizations. Strong believer in personal performance as the starting point of any world-class leadership, he developed a scientific model Personal Resonance© to achieve peal personal performance and self-leadership. Additionally he helps trainers, learning specialists, instructional designers and training professionals with articles on proven techniques to transition successfully into training and learning management role.

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