Quick round of Mario Kart anyone? I need to shift some work related stress. 

I recently responded to a question on the training journal asking about multi user pc games for team building. I responded and suggested the rather quaint lemonade game (Google it if you are interested, v low tech fun). 

Then today I spotted this interesting piece written by Brad Jennings. 


Brad seems like an interesting character. He’s busked on the London underground, taken the stage at speaker’s corner, and rapped in a Brixton nightclub. He also looks after channel communiucation for Vodafone UK. 

I think he’s onto something here, as is the woman on the training journal. Brad’s keen to know of any organisations getting involved in the use of games to solve organisational and even customer issues. Has anyone here got any experience of this they’re willing to share? Hope so – it’s an interesting subject.

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