I landed at Edinburgh airport 12 days ago hours before the snow hit the area. Having got home safely the car hasn’t moved since! I’m very excited to share that tomorrow I hope to be taking to the road again. However from other people’s conversations apparently I still need to be wary of the nutters on the road! You know the ones……

The difficulty I have is who are all these nutters because everyone I speak to believes themselves to be a great example of good, careful and courteous driving and it’s all the others that are the nutters.

I wonder what would happen if we accepted that we too can be that nutter on the road?

On a similar vein I hear friends discuss their anger at the application of holiday due to missed days at work due to the snow. Yet I’m not sure many of those people have offered to pay the garage mechanic, milk man, newspaper man, hair dresser, cleaner, window cleaner etc for their cancelled/unavailable services.

So over this festive season before you start having a go at someone for a wrong you perceive them to have done please remember you’re just as likely to have done that wrong in the past too. It might just reduce the blood pressure and provide a little more good will to all men at this time of year.

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