I was struck by these lyrics from Mary Poppins as they came out of the radio as I prepared Sunday lunch.

It reminded me of a conversation I’d had with a friend the day before as she ate sticky toffee pudding and I had a strawberry sundae.  It was about knowing what we needed to do to eat healthily but not putting that knowing into action. Look in my cupboards or fridge and you’d still think I ate healthily. One of the problems is all the things I manage to eat that aren’t perhaps so healthy when I’m not at home – the crisps on the train home, the pudding at the restaurant, the chips on the beach etc.

I realised that the lack of application of knowing didn’t apply just to eating healthily either. From my blog entries over the last few months I’ve shared many great ingredients to get you or your team out of the creek, back on track and having passion for life. Those ingredients include: 

In order for any of these to seriously transform our lives or the lives of those we work with that knowing has to be put into action. I talk and write about these all the time and yet I still manage to get thrown off course.

What about you? And more importantly what can we all do to ensure we don’t just have the ingredients in the cupboard but we put them to good use? If I could sing like Doug Shaw I’m sure I’d sing ‘Anything can happen if you let it’ daily as a reminder to put into practice what I know works. Or perhaps much simpler get some Jelly and leave the packets in strategic places in the office and kitchen as a reminder.