Every leader needs a following! It seems Jeremy Corbyn has quite a following as he is on course for a thumping victory in the Labour leadership election having taken a 32-point lead over his nearest rival, according to a new poll from YouGov.

The Labour candidate is poised to win in the first round of voting having polled 53 per cent of the vote – a 10 per cent surge on a month ago. At the start of the contest Mr Corbyn, who had to rely on nominations from Labour MPs who do not now back him to get on the nomination paper, was a 200-1 outsider but is now the bookies’ favourite!

Good leaders, be they politicians or business professionals, are supported because people trust and respect them, not simply for the skills they possess.

Leadership is about behaviour first, and skills second.

You manage things, but people must be lead.

Leadership relies on management skills, but far more so on qualities such as integrity, vision, courage, commitment, passion, confidence, enthusiasm, innovation, determination and sensitivity.

Use these 5 Top Tips to develop your leadership ability and C.O.U.R.A.G.E:-

1.Manager to Leader

Not all managers are leaders. But being a great leader…starts with being a good manager.

Leadership gets you from 0-1…then good management gets you from 2-10.

Managers focus on DOING:-

–        Implementing

–        Tactical

–        Detail

–        Short-term

–        Hands-on

–        Directing

–        Task focus

–        Doing things right

Leaders focus on ENABLING:-

–        Planning

–        Strategic

–        Big picture

–        Longer-term

–        Hands-off

–        Inspiring

–        People focus

–        Doing things right

As a leader, your role is to create a compelling vision that your people want to be part of. You need to decide “which wall to lean your ladder against”. Involve your people where appropriate, in how you will achieve your goals.


Confidence is essential. People will rapidly sense whether you have it or not. So building self-confidence is always the starting point in becoming a leader. But never let it become over-confidence, the first station on the track leading to arrogance!

–        How would you rate your self-confidence (1-10)?

–        How do others rate you?

–        Which aspects of your role do you feel confident about?

–        Which aspects do you need to build more confidence in?

–        Where might you be in danger of being over-confident or complacent?


Leaders are often demanding people who set high standards for both themselves and other people. They instil a sense of purposeful urgency in others and create the conditions for their people to succeed.

–        Are you as demanding of others ad you are of yourself?

–        How do your actions instil a sense of urgency and purpose in your people?

–        How well do you create the conditions for your people to succeed in what they do?


Leaders work hard to earn (not demand) the respect of their people. They treat individuals differently but equally. They do not have favourites. They are impartial in giving rewards and penalties for performance and realise that being liked does not necessarily mean being respected.

–        What specific actions have you taken to earn the respect of your people?

–        Do you prefer to be popular and liked, or respected for what you do?

–        How do you display your respect for your people on a daily basis?


Can you think of any good leader lacking in enthusiasm? Enthusiasm is highly contagious – and so is a lack of it! Leaders inspire their people through personal example and energy. They create a ‘can do’ atmosphere and talk about ‘challenges’ not ‘problems’.

–        In what ways are you personally setting an example through your enthusiasm?

–        How well do you show your own enthusiasm, even when you don’t feel it?

–        How do you reward enthusiasm in your people when you see it?

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