I’m currently working on a project on outsourcing contract cleaning. As part of this we’re developing the business requirements and considering how we define what clean looks like. It’s also involving an assessment of current practice. This assessment is obviously including the time taken to undertake the cleaning both by internal and external resources. Comparison of these times across the organisation may, along with other data gathered, enable us to identify best practice.

Imagine then as someone who often blogs on wellbeing my quandary when I am reminded in the Urban Worrier by Nick Thorpe about his experience of bed making at a monastery in New Mexico. He realised that his need for speed and competitive nature wasn’t enabling him to fully embrace the activity and enjoy it. So “I give in and slow down”… “I would not, I suspect, win a hotel cleaning contract – but I defy you to find more contended cleaners.”

As a procurement professional my goal is to ensure value for money for the organisation. I have, and I’m sure will continue, to negotiate contracts that in addition to other factors will focus on time taken. As a coach my goal is often about ensuring job satisfaction and motivation. I just wonder as a procurement professional whether, how and when I should also be considering the job satisfaction of our contractors?