The demand for skilful workforce is on the rise and this has led various organisations to lay more focus on, on-the-job training. E-learning, an emerging tool to learn the smart way, has therefore become one-stop solution for the companies worldwide. What adds value to e-Learning India is the flexibility and convenience with which the training management system can be utilized. Few examples of the kind of trainings offered via e-learning include sales training, employee induction program, compliance training, policy training and soft skills training. This online teaching medium is cost-effective and it can be made more reliable if the e-learning courses are well designed. Soon, it will overcome the taboo that instructor-led training is better.

Learning Management System (LMS) is used by the corporate departments to automate record keeping as well as for employee registration. Other uses of LMS includes, delivery and management of instructional content, identification of training goals, individuals assessment and tracking of progress in meeting the goals. Learning management system has a flexible architecture. It means that changes can be incorporated in the e-learning programmes according to the demands and needs of the industry at any point of time.

Today, employee training and development via e-learning programmers have become a long-term strategy of corporates for their advancement. The future seems brighter with the rise in the demand of Interactive e-learning services that can rev up the growth of the company as well as the employees.

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