At our recent Engaging for Growth conference, we asked everyone to get together in small groups and discuss what had emerged from the day. A few nuggets of useful learning and thinking were gathered together.

Ideas like: Make sure we check and test that what we believe is happening, is happening. Ask people is it working? What’s going on? The more leaders listen, the more people engage. Ideas like: Proceed until apprehended! Start with your own team, then the next group, then the directorate, the division, the company.

Here is the collective out put for you to download, read and act on. Brought to you from some of the most engaged minds in some of the most engaged companies I’ve come across for a while. Companies like o2, The Affinity Trust, Cheltenham & Gloucester, RBS, Bracknell Forest Homes, Recrion, AXA, Linklaters, Virgin Atlantic, Hertz, and Guide Dogs for the Blind, to name but a few. Phew!

What lessons can you add so that we might make this work even stronger?

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