In less than 24 days time, the Temporary Agency Regulations (Regulations) come into force. If reports in the National press this week are correct, the Government is yet again wavering over whether the Regulations should be implemented in their current form.  This time though, the deadline is so tight that commentators are speculating whether this is merely ‘grandstanding’ on the part of the Government.
However, this debate is of little use to employers and HR who now need to decide what action (if any) to take before the Regulations bite. The options are limited. At one extreme there is the Asda approach, embrace the spirit of the legislation by agreeing an equal pay deal with Unite for its temps and those of its suppliers estimated to cost around £2.4 million.  At the other, the Centrica approach reported this week of cutting its temps from 1300 to 670 after a review revealed that the legislation would cost it approximately £2 million. 
So what does 1 October mean to you? We at Paul Hastings, in conjunction with HR Zone, would like to know what you think in this twominute eight question quick survey. Please email your responses to [email protected] and we will report back*.

Does your organisation use temps supplied by an agency?     Yes/No

How long is the average assignment in weeks?       Months/Weeks/ Don’t Know

Do you believe your organisation is prepared for the implementation of the Regulations?     Yes/No

The Department for Business, Innovation & Skills estimated in its January 2010 Impact Assessment that the annual cost per organisation would be £2,493 for a small organisation, £18,650 for a medium organisation and £73,188 for a large organisation.  Do you agree with these estimates?      Yes/No

Have you costed the impact of the Regulations on your organisation? Yes/No If so, what is your estimated annual increase in cost?     £    /Don’t know

Do you think the Regulations will increase the administrative burden on your organisation?         Yes/No

Do you believe the Regulations will result in less employment status claims?         Yes/No

Will the Regulations mean your organisation is less likely to use temps supplied by an agency?         Yes/No

* Please note all responses will be kept anonymous unless you give your express permission.