RECOGNISE THIS! – Acknowledging the cultural celebrations of others can be a powerful form of appreciation in the workplace.

To my readers in the U.S., I wish you a happy and safe Independence Day holiday this week. I greatly enjoy working in a global organisation with employees from around the world. Sharing our various cultures and traditions with each other is part of what makes our work together fun. (My American colleagues also tease me, saying they appreciate my well wishes for their Thanksgiving, President’s Day, Memorial Day, etc., holidays, but they feel wishing me a “Happy Bank Holiday” doesn’t have quite the same ring to it.)

In all seriousness, though, acknowledging others’ important celebrations and other cultural expectations is a sign of respect in the workplace. Indeed, it’s a sign of appreciation, too, in that you’re expressing to your colleagues that you know and understand what is important to them and wish them well. Isn’t this the foundation of true recognition? Lifting your head out of your own work and priorities to notice and appreciate those around you is itself a powerful message of recognition for others.

So today, as our American friends and coworkers prepare for a July 4th celebration, let’s all celebrate together. Take a moment today to notice the work of others and praise them for the excellence you see in them and their efforts.

What’s your favorite holiday?