Now that the dust has settled on how the ex-Countryfile presenter Miriam O’Reilly won her ageism case against the BBC, can we address the other issue here:  She didn’t win on the sexism aspect.  

It would seem that, while there clearly was ageism in the way a number of presenters had to make way for newer models, John Craven (68) was kept on, while three other women in their 40’s were dismissed from the programme.  

In other words, there was clear discrimination based additionally on their gender.

This is sadly a quite common case of multiple discrimination, where someone is treated negatively differently based on more than one aspect of their being, e.g. gender and race.

Nick Ross said he thought it was “undoubtedly tougher for women as they get older”, but added that “it might be easier for women – on looks – when they are younger, and I don’t hear people complaining about that”.  


Good point, but it should not be about favouring at any stage, rather it being the best person for the job, i.e. based on ability, potential, skills and yes personality and doubtless other factors – but please please, please no longer based on your age, looks, disability, sexual orientation.


Karen Murphy

Muika Leadership