I hear a lot of talk about the importance of visible leadership, I expect you do too. My experience shows me that’s about as far as it goes. I don’t see much of it. Talk visible, be invisible. Leave it to someone else. What can we do to encourage more leaders to come out. To meet and talk with people. To be seen and heard. Here’s a short note you can copy, personalise and send to a senior leader in your organisation. I’m trying it out on a few people, and have had some positive reactions and some silence so far, will let you know what more happens when it does. It would be great if you use this and share any feedback with us.

"Visible Leadership is Great! Can we have some please?

Survival and growth will come from positive mindful, awareness connecting people to each other and to the good things we can do together. 

It requires great leading to accept the problems we face, to stay positive and to keep engaging others. It demands sincere interest in what is happening to those around you and outside your circle. It means asking your colleagues good questions and listening respectfully to their answers and showing them you heard. It means that you must choose to notice the positive achievements and possibilities in every situation as well as the difficulties. It means that we must remember the real social value that the firms we work for bring to people and we must be grateful that we have the strength and capability to achieve greatness again.

Most of all it means repeated, positive action. It means you and me, and others who care, now, together. It would be fantastic to see you around.

Have a great day."

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