There has been quite a bit of news recently on ‘dishonest’ CVs, and how the amount of CVs that contain lies and discrepancies is actually on the increase.

A recent study by the Risk Advisory Group found that over half of the 3,800 CVs surveyed contained inconsistencies, which is an increase of 10 per cent since last year.

What surprised me further is that those aged between 36 and 40 years-old were the worse offenders, with 62.9 per cent of this age group submitting untruthful CVs.

So should employers be worried? I guess what we have to try and remember is that there is a huge difference between simple white lies or omissions and serious issues such as criminal convictions.

I am sure we can all put our hands up and admit that we may have stretched the truth ‘a little’ on our CVs in the past, in order to really stand out from the crowd – and this is not something that employers need to be too concerned with as long as they check out the CV as much as they can and obtain good references.

Plus, a CV is by no means the only method to be used when recruiting potential candidates, and should simply be used as one component that makes up the whole recruitment process.

But if this problem really is on the increase, employers may have to think seriously about ensuring their screening processes are really up to the job.

Talking on the topic, ClickAJob chief executive Yngve Traberg said: “References, character – for which psychometric tests are also essential – qualifications, ID, work permits, everything must be investigated thoroughly before any recommendation goes ahead. Think of it positively. It’s not that we don’t believe our applicants, we prefer to make sure that both clients and candidates have absolutely the best chance ever.”

It is pretty much impossible to stop candidates lying on their CVs but, as recruiters, it is up to you to get better at spotting it.

Best wishes,

Lucie Benson

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