The new year is traditionally a time for giving things up such as cigarettes or alcohol – well what about emails?One of the most startling things that always comes across to us when we ask people to describe their “relationship” with email is the amount of addictive language which is used.

Words like overwhelmed, reliant, obsessed, dependant are commonplace.

Now imagine if these words were describing that person’s relationship with drugs or alcohol – this puts the way that people feel about email into perspective.Imagine how good it feels to break free from this type of addiction – and how much better it would feel if everyone around you did too.

No cigarettes – cleaner air, improved health

Less email – clearer communication, more time
Email is an issue that people feel passionately about – and rightly so. Email is responsible for millions of wasted and unproductive man hours.
Being in control of email, having extra time to do more, complete more projects, engage with clients or colleagues more is so easily achievable.
For every single person who attends email training this feeling is a reality.
But if the entire workforce were also less stressed and more productive, everyone would feel the benefit.
Imagine that.
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