With soaring popularity of the new age interactive learning solutions people are now exploring a completely new and simple way of learning that has made training sessions fun. Gone are that days when people use to feel burdened even by the thought of attending training sessions. With interactive learning one can learn and understand even complicated things with ease and in a relaxed manner.

Business enterprises spend a lot of of money in providing work related training to their employees. Nowadays, employers not only train the new recruits but also provide guidance related to the business strategies to their existing employees. In order to provide product training or learning sessions the interactive learning methods are used due to their effectiveness. These methods help in increasing the interaction among the learners. Social media, mobile learning and game based learning are some of the highlights of the of the interactive leaning services. The Social media interaction is becoming quite popular among the people and it helps in boosting the learning process. This process involves interaction amongst the participants and their with the help of search engines and smart phones.

Game based learning is an innovative concept that involves games to teach concepts to the user. The fantasy element in the games keeps the participants intrigued and engaged in the learning activity by the virtue of storyline and narration. It has been observed that theoretical training doest not grab as much attention and it even becomes quiet moribund after a certain amount of time. Game based learning process can help in overcoming this constraint. Learners are faced with a goal oriented game, wherein they have to face a certain situation and they learn through practice. 

Mobile learning also forms one of the important aspects of e-learning as it gives agility and flexibility to the users to stay connected even when they are not in the office premise. Today no one can ignore the importance of mobile devices. With the help of this technology employees can access to these sessions at any place and any time as per their convenience without any limitation.

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