I’m delighted to announce the launch of a new edition of “The Music of Business”. You may order copies direct from me via email [email protected] or from Cultured Llama Publishers or come on over to our launch party. The book fuses MBA level lessons on strategy, creativity, innovation, HR and leadership with parallel insights from the world of music. Here’s six of the best from the book:

1. What can you learn from life in a rock band that is not taught on an MBA programme?  I’ve taught MBA programmes for nearly 20 years and worked with bands for longer than that and I came to the conclusion that an MBA should stand for “Much Better Attitude”. It’s an almost unique combination and Professor Adrian Furnham, author of some 80 books on business psychology had this to say on the fusion:

2. What can we learn from Brian Eno and David Bowie about strategies for creativity? Creativity is reckoned to be one of the most important skills for individuals and companies in the 21st century by the IBM study

3. What can music teach us about culture change?

4. How to reinvent your career – lessons from the School of Hard Knocks via some work we did with Patti Russo, Meatloaf’s long-term singing partner. Patti has sung with Queen and Cher and her experience is transferable to anyone facing career shifts in a turbulent environment. Henley Business School invited Patti and I to present and perform at their executive leadership programme to critical acclaim.

With Patti Russo and the great people at The Virgin Lounge in London – Patti and I performed at Richard Branson’s lounge just recently

5. When innovating, how can you learn from musical concepts such as dissonance and consonance to help you design things better?

6. What can Lady Gaga teach you about customer relationship management and online marketing?

Come to our launch party on the evening of Tuesday June 9th – featuring Richard Strange, Leader of underground proto-punk band The Doctors of Madness, an author who has appeared in Harry Potter, Batman, Robin Hood and who has performed with Tom Waits, Peter Capaldi (Doctor Who etc.), Spandau Ballet and Marianne Faithful. Tickets available only from Book Launch Event, priced £10. 

To learn more, grab hold of your copies of The Music of Business alongside it’s sister Punk Rock People Management