Dave Ulrich model of HR effectiveness has been highly popular. Building on the basic premise that successful HR professionals are the one’s who are Business partners, change agents, administrative experts and employee advocates. The model can be aligned to the HR functions effectiveness and measuring the aspects related this can be a strong predictor of how the internal customers view HR.

We have developed a questionnaire based and model of assessing HR effectiveness – with the following factors aligned to Dave Ulrich’s concept.

<Key aspects of the assessment>

Empathy: The degree to which HR is able to perceive and understand the feelings of different groups of customers, to learn about their specific needs and wishes, and to pay individualized attention.

Visibility: The degree to which internal customers have a clear idea of HR practices, know which HR programs are implemented and what can and cannot be expected from the HR department. Visibility assumes that internal customers know what HR is, who HR is and what HR stands for.

Legitimacy: The degree to which the HR function is perceived as a high-status and high-credibility function.

Relevance: The degree to which HR initiatives and practices are perceived as useful, significant and relevant (supporting achievement of organizational goals) and HR is capable of anticipating on daily problems and needs.

Instrumentality: The degree to which HR practices and programs positively influence levels of motivation, competence and empowerment and are thus able to steer competencies and behavior of employees in the desired direction.

Consistency of HRM messages: The degree of internal ‘fit’ or compatibility between HR practices and of their continuity and stability over time.

Agreement: The degree to which HR decision makers share the same vision and are on the same wavelength.

Distributive justice: The degree to which the allocation of benefits and resources (the result of a decision) is fair.

Procedural justice: The degree to which the process by which decisions are reached or outcomes are allocated is fair.

Reliability: The degree to which promised HR services are dependably and accurately delivered.

Responsiveness: The degree to which HR is willing to help its customers and provide prompt service

You may download the questionnaire here.https://www.scribd.com/doc/258693781/Sandeep-s-Model

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