The five trends you may have seen companies avidly adopt in the past several months are the continued convergence around integrated solutions, the emergence of using social media for effective informal learning, the adoption of mobile learning, the importance of progressive cloud model, and the evolution of a global understanding in learning content.

Though not all new to 2012, the more familiar trends tend to focus on increasing the reach and potential of existing solutions so companies can leverage their existing systems instead of replacing them.

Last year we reported that learning management solutions would trend toward integration and centralization, with on-the-go delivery of formal and informal learning fit for consumption for a variety of audiences. Sounds like all you could ever need and expect from your company’s learning management solution!

If you haven’t managed to capture all of this year’s trends at this mid-year checkpoint, that’s alright. Not only do you have another six months to benefit from the best in learning technology and strategy, but you can also simply review the trend details in this whitepaper and put some adoption plans in place if you can see your company taking advantage of them next year.

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