Yet, 96% of the Sunday Times 25 Best Large Companies to work for do not have a mobile website

Almost half the population now access the internet via a mobile device and 2.8 million people use one in their job search. A mobile career website is no longer a luxury for ‘big brands’, but is an essential part of your recruitment marketing.

The recent survey by 4MAT into mobile activity across over 50 recruitment websites and job boards shows that the recruitment sector is lagging behind others such as retail and banking.

The massive growth in Smartphone ownership in 2010 has fuelled this growth and a source at O2 stated that over 60% of contracts are now for Smartphones. This explains why the UK is online more than any other country in Europe.

OFCOM forecast that 1 in 2 contracts will be for a Smartphone by summer 2012.

A phone is personal and now defined as a Hygiene Factor, which means it is described as an essential part of our daily motivation.

If you’re not convinced, how many of you reading this article use this mantra as you leave the house?


The recruitment industry unfortunately has lagged the rest of the online ‘consumer’ world. This can be attributed to a mix of poor information and supposition, which is often compounded by the use of legacy ATS (Applicant Tracking Systems). The majority of which, have very limited mobile functionality and therefore create a poor user experience.

The statement “no-one wants to apply for a job on a mobile phone” is a commonly heard statement.

Yet, 96% of the Sunday Times 25 Best Large Companies to work for do not have a mobile website
(surveyed by 4MAT January 2012).

Find out how mobile can be a successful part of your recruitment marketing, in our blog on Mobile Career Sites – Getting the Basics Right First.

Research data sources include:

4MAT Mobile in the Recruitment Industry Survey – November 2011. The report can be downloaded here
Office for National Statistics
Mobile Recruitment Report by Matt Alder and Dave Martin.

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