Don’t get me wrong I love my job.
I appreciate I am in a privileged position by the simple virtue of the fact that I am in employment given the desolate times in which we currently live, and most working days I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else.
Most days that is except Monday ….
Mondays are notoriously mental.
More so given that we have a running book on who will feign illness, sickness, pet needing the vet, children struck down with measles. All in a desperate effort to cling onto the duvet for a little while longer. I am waiting for someone to tell me the dog has eaten the alarm clock!
Come Tuesday we have a full complement of workers fresh faced and raring to go. Well, that is except those who had to pick up the slack the day before and are already run fairly ragged and nodding off at their work stations.

Maybe we need some motivational training…
How does next Monday sound?