Find out what you can do to ensure your employees eat healthly to work more productively.

What does an office move and a new health regime have in common? Not a lot, you might think … but in fact recent studies have found that employees who consume a healthy and balanced diet are more likely to maintain good personal health, enjoy better weight management and work more productively.  So as an employer, you might want to take steps to ensure you are doing all you can in your new office to ensure that staff take fewer days off, and are more focused whilst at work.

You might want to look at having a vending machine, for example, that offers healthy snacks that will encourage employees to eat good nutrition in the workplace.  Having healthier foods readily available for your staff throughout the day not only keeps energy levels up, it also stops them from delving into less healthy, food-on-the-go options, which can have a detrimental effect on employee health and productivity.

Other healthy measures you can take to ensure your new office promotes a healthier lifestyle is to supply tea and coffee making products which contain no trans-fats, including Milfresh HVO free whitener and premium granulated skimmed milk.  If your office coffee machine only supplies these products it can help combat unhealthy habits amongst staff, and they might not even notice the difference in taste!

If you are about to move office, or have recently moved, consider a vending machine and/or coffee machine that offers healthier alternatives and reap the benefits of an energised workforce.

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