Recognise This! – You can learn a lot about recognition done right in just 30 minutes.

Well, it’s not everything you need to know, but I’m impressed with how much ground we were able to cover thanks to William and Byran’s expert guidance. Three weeks ago I had the opportunity to join Bryan Wempen and William Tincup on their DriveThru HR programme to discuss employee recognition and rewards. I greatly enjoyed my time with them in what was, indeed, the “fastest 30 minutes in HR” as William describes it.

I’ve embedded the enter episode below and encourage you to listen to for the highlights I feature after the jump.

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The top 3 themes I hear from our clients today, from companies in the Fortune 500 to companies with 500 employees. I talk about how strategic, social recognition is the key to unlock these three common themes of performance management, employee engagement, and company culture management.

I also discuss how every company has a culture, but it’s hard to change or grow that culture through the traditional vertical communications approach from the top down. Instead, we advocate a horizontal approach to culture change in which, much like the social world, you make all employees the eyes and ears for noticing and celebrating the desired behaviours and outcomes the executive team has identified as critical to organisation success.

Other topics I cover include: