"You must love waking up to that view" said a friend at the weekend? (For those that don’t know it’s a view which includes the beach, the Firth of Forth and Edinburgh on the skyline and one that I often maintain keeps me sane.) 

"I’m not sure I notice it anymore" I replied!

Just one of many reminders this weekend that I’m forgetting to stop and take pleasure in the small things.

The other example was whilst having a facial. The women took her time as she applied the facial scrub and then the face mask. I found it wonderfully relaxing as she placed hot towels on my face and gently used them to remove the scrub and later the mask from my face. Again the application of moisturiser was delightful. A pleasurable experience and one that left me feeling relaxed, positive and good about myself.

I don’t know about you but when left to my own devices I don’t take that time, I don’t delight nor revel and take pleasure from many of my daily routines – and yet the answer should be why?

In a day that’s full of doing and sometimes a distinct lack of pleasure why not take those extra few minutes throughout the day to give yourself a boost of pleasure by taking time to look at the view or savour your favourite lunch.

I’d love to know how you get on – so do share your little pleasures with us so we may be inspired to find them in everything we do too.

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