Organizations around the world are looking with a fresh look towards Performance Management. After all Performance Management goes well beyond the department of Human Resource, it caters directly to business results.
New ways to look at performance management aims at brining more engagement, trust on the table for employees along with better performance and engagement.

Getting new process might sound exciting but there are practical issues when the ideas are implemented. It becomes time consuming, with lots of inconsistency in the process, if done manually.

There quite a few positive consequences when you automate the entire performance management process. 

By automating the entire performance performance management process, you can expect the following exercies to be more efficient:

1. Performance Reviews

2. Instant Feedback (Continous Feedabck)

3. 360 Degree Feedback

4. Employee Survey

Here is a list of benefits which you get once you automate performance management :

1. Workflow Management 

Performance Review cycles do have some workflow to follow. For example, expectatiosns(objective) setting by manager, expectations being shown to employees, employees writing their comments, employee and manager to have discussions. Automated PMS helps in managing the workflow better. Everyone gets uniform access to forms so that, reducing the hastles/

2. Clear communication 

Whenever you go for an automated Performance management process, automated communication is a major benefit of it. Be it automated email communication for every task or notifications for every new update, automated PMS provides clear communication with clarity to every stake holder included in the process. It also helps to impart trust in the process.

3. Meaningful reports

With data compiled automatically, useful reports are generated which helps to get insight on workforce performance. With data automatically calculated, reports are generated quickly.

4. Save Time

Save time which will result in $$$. Automation saves employee billing hours as automated systems are better accesible and help to save the data in a quick manner.

5. Enhanced Training

Employees can monitor progress, record their development need and access training based on inputs. This helps to drive better learning. Automated systems allow streamline inputs from managers, quick feedbacks, which helps employees better.

6. Less paperwork

There is a lot less paperwork involved as the entire system is automated. Apart from saving a lot of paper, data accessibility becomes easy for reference.

You will have to check what Performance Management method suits you. Do you want to make a development oriented Performance Management or decision making oriented performance management ?

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