For those involved in implementing a strategy within your organisation to the Bribery Act I thought you might be interested in a great piece over on Supply Management on how procurement should be embracing the act to change behaviours. It ends with..

"As companies grapple with internal anti-bribery procedures, why don’t we in the profession embrace the twenty-first century and commit to saying “no” to such corporate hospitality? Why don’t we do right by our employers and stop giving the big spenders a marketing advantage by remaining focused on the value our suppliers provide and make them work a bit harder for the business they win from us"

In many organisations procurement will have a hospitality log and will have a code of practice providing guidance on what to and what not to accept. This is not often used, applied or considered across the rest of the business. I agree with David the Bribery Act is a great catalyst to ensure organisations put in place policies that cultivate competition and ensure we start to manage suppliers not the other way around.