Most businesses will have a variety of objectives for considering a recruitment process outsourcing company. These can include:

  1. Cost reasons and the benefit of outsourcing a specialist process to experts more flexibly and removing the cost of fixed resource overheads within the business.
  2. Expertise reasons and the ability to buy in compliant services which are in line with the latest recruitment legislation.
  3. Efficiency reasons – as a recruitment process outsourcing company will use best-practice methodologies and processes which are efficient and effective.
  4. Strategic HR reasons and the desire to buy in services that can grow over time and include elements such as data mining, talent pooling, data capture, employer branding, candidate experience management and more.

As a first step, therefore, a business must be clear on its primary objectives for engaging with an RPO before they select the ideal provider. Ensure that the management team identify and agree with the main priorities, which can then be measured against during the tendering process.

These are the type of questions you need to ask before appointing an RPO.

Remember that there is no right or wrong set of answers and each business will have a unique set of considerations and objectives to consider and agree before approaching an RPO to support them. Just make sure you spend the time defining your contract brief beforehand for the best results.  

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