It has been reported that jobseekers use, on average,  a total of 16 different sources when searching for a role. This statistic – from the Candidate Behaviour Survey by Careerbuilder – highlights the importance of for employers to use a range of complementary resources to advertise their jobs to ensure the best level of reach.

But with this comes the challenge of managing these multiple advertising resources. For many busy in-house recruiters, ensuring a seamless managed recruitment process is only made more difficult, when too much of their time is spent dealing with job board or aggregator contracts, and not enough on interviewing.

Webrecruit was established at a time when the job boards were just entering the market, and, as such,  has learned a thing or two over the years when it comes to the challenges of managing multiple recruitment advertising sources.  

In this blog post we share with you some questions to ask, and key things to consider, when going about setting up your job board, aggregator or social media contracts:


An important thing to consider is the volume of roles you regularly recruit for. Knowing this number will make it easy for you to know if purchasing advertising credits in bulk is worth considering, and, of course, bulk purchasing often results in discounted pricing.

You may also discover it works out to be more cost effective to purchase an unlimited posting option, so don’t forget to request this pricing also. With volume can also come a range of value-added benefits too. For example, we know our customers, when purchasing a high number of advertising credits, require a level of insight and reporting, and as such, provide this to ensure their message and response is always on point.

Response standards

What level and quality of response do you require? There are often multiple options on how you can advertise your role with recruitment advertisers, so consider how these may help the performance of your campaign and, potentially the quality of the applications you receive.

Some of these advertising options include: basic text adverts, logo branded options, top of search result positioning, email marketing inclusions and homepage featured slots.

Judge the value these options may present your campaign with and also ensure to check that you can add these on later into a campaign if you’re not getting the response you require. But remember, quantity is not always better than quality. Which additional extras will help improve your overall quality of applicant?

Changes or amendments to your adverts

Before your campaign is live, don’t forget to ask what you can do regarding changes to your advertisement. Making amends to your campaign to tweak the response, is an easy solution that has the potential to dramatically improve its performance.

Therefore, it is important to know if you are able to adjust the copy mid way, increase the salary or even amend the job title. Be aware that some suppliers may not allow this at all.


Most job boards will make bold claims around the coverage your role will receive if you advertise with them. Don’t take these claims on face value alone; get some evidence to back it up.

Ask the job board what their sector and location response rates are, and what other resources they have within their network; where else will or can your role be advertised?

Posting durations

Successful managed recruitment can seem like a balancing act, especially if you find yourself working on roles with numerous posting durations.

Things can quickly change when it comes to required start dates, therefore, it is worth considering how long you may need to run your recruitment campaigns for. In these occasions job boards that can offer a short, single vacancy posting option, can be a great cost saving for your business.

Database availability

Job boards can attract hundreds of thousands of candidates every day; therefore they have the potential to capture a highly impressive talent pool.

Find out what access you can have to this talent, as it may contain the perfect candidate for your role. Being able to search this talent bank and approach candidates directly is an excellent way to make good use of job boards for your recruitment process.

Still feel that managing multiple job board contracts is a task you’d prefer to outsource? Webrecruit’s managed job board recruitment advertising solutions allow you to tap into our job board contract management knowledge and remove this task from your recruitment workload, for further information on these options contact us today.