Millennials (also known as Gen Y) are a frequent topic as organisations are learning how to manage them most effectively given largely different values and approach to work. But what are these differences? Consolidating what I’ve read and experienced in numerous places, there are three key take-aways for managing Millennials effectively:

1) Forget work/life balance – Millennials are not concerned about balancing their work life and their personal life as they often do not clearly differentiate between the two. Work and personal time are so blended for them that relationships at work and the ability to work anytime, anywhere are important aspects of their day. This leads directly into the next main point to understand about Millennials.

2) Show the meaning in the work – Millennials especially are seeking purpose in their work. A powerfully positive way to accomplish this is to incorporate your company values into a strategic recognition programme in which employees are told clearly and specifically how a behaviour or action reflected a company value and contributed to achieving a greater end such as a strategic priority. This gives Millennials a sense of purpose and accomplishment within the bigger picture while also emphasising the importance of living the company values in your daily work.

3) Coach as well as manage – Millennials are use to constant feedback and encouragement. Such an approach has been proven to be more effective for employees of all generations, but it seems to have taken the mass influx of the Millennials for companies to begin to adopt practices that give this feedback everyone needs to know what to do more of and also perhaps what do de-emphasise or improve.

Are you a Millennial? What else would you add? What motivates you at work? What do you need your colleagues and superiors to recognise in your efforts? Do you manage Millennials? What other advice would you offer?