Arriving home after a busy day I found a great email waiting for me. Turns out the good readers at HRZone have voted me their blogger of the month for July. Cool! HRZone’s editor, Charlie Duff wrote “Kudos to you and congratulations. I’m afraid there is no physical prize as such but you can bathe in the glory of being top blog all month, plus the added bonus that you were voted for by your peers on HRzone.” I don’t want a prize; this small piece of recognition is great. I’m chuffed. And I’m motivated to continue to write to the best of my abilities. Practice practice practice.

I was at a conference earlier in the week. Honestly, it wasn’t great. Two things really saved it for me. First, I met some interesting people. Thanks Amanda, Janet and Michelle. Second, I listened to a very interesting speaker. Detective Superintendent Gary Linton had been asked to come and talk about how he set up the national criminal records office for the Association of Chief Police Officers. Now this might not strike you as the most exciting topic ever, but Gary told a lovely story. He began with how his fledgling team started work in a Portakabin working outside on plastic garden furniture when it got too hot to be inside. He took us through considered risks, co-creativity, and a sense of purpose and left us at his new offices with a growing, engaged, successful team. Good work. What he didn’t mention was that “Some 85% of staff have a great deal of faith in him and 77% find him inspirational.”

Gary left the event and that evening went to attend an HR awards ceremony. What he didn’t know – right up until the announcement, was that he was about to be awarded the title of “Most People Focused CEO – Public Sector”. Great recognition.

I dropped Gary a short note first thing this morning primarily to thank him for his interesting talk and of course to say well done on the award. Though he’s doubtless a very busy guy, he took the time to reply…

…before getting back to work. And I wouldn’t be surprised if right now he’s thinking of ways to inspire the remaining 23% of staff too.

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