Santa wanted to hire a recruiter. Jessica and John came for interview. Both Jessica and John were of the same age group, had excellent credentials and had been doing recruitment for past 3 years. Santa started interview of Jessica with a role play. Santa became the potential candidate and requested Jessica to play recruiter. Jessica greeted Santa and briefed Santa about the company and the role in next 30 seconds and asked whether Santa is interested. Santa said "No". Jessica did not even think twice and disconnected immediately.

Santa was shocked. Santa told Jessica that there is problem with her perseverance. Jessica violently disagreed with an argument that she is a recruiter not a beggar. Jessica is offering the job (livelihood) to the candidate. If candidate is not interested then there is no point wasting time on the candidate. After heated discussion with Jessica for half an hour on pride of a recruiter. Santa almost felt outdated. Santa was trying to figure out whether it is GenY phenomenon.

Santa called John and repeated the same role play. John took a totally different approach. John greeted, asked for time. Santa agreed to listen to him. John talked about the company and role briefly. Then requested whether Santa would like to explore opportunity with the company. Santa said "No". John did not give up and kept pushing Santa to meet him once to have a non committal discussion. Santa told that the approach used by John is outdated. John disagreed by saying that I were to recruit you. There were no more candidates. I had to bring you to the table. 

Santa felt better and realized Gen Y is not from another planet, Behaviours of Jessica and Job are reflection of imbalance in Supply and Demand. Behaviours quickly align to Supply – Demand equation. Santa understood the difference in assumptions made by both recruiters. Jessica started with an assumption that there are ample candidates available and John took and assumption that entire universe only had one candidate. These assumptions reflect their background as well. John had been operating in an R&D segment and Jessica had been working in ITes industry. Backgounds created contexts which were reflected in their assumptions and behaviours.

Santa hired both the recruiters – Jessica for mass recruitment and John for specialized recruitment.