Many firms with multiple offices are turning to virtual technologies to deliver internal training.

Significant savings in time and travel expenses coupled with the potent reality that webinar training is stable, inexpensive, powerful and accessible, makes this method a ‘no brainer’.

If your firm is not yet using live webinar technology, it soon will be.

A recent survey by Towards Maturity revealed that virtual learning has increased steadily across all sectors over the last 12 months with use of web based classrooms up by 46%.

Whilst many training teams want to start delivering live virtual training – many lack the confidence and necessary new skills to do so successfully. So they hold off – which is effectively wasting time and precious resources.

So what are the new ‘virtual’ skills required by trainers?

These can be neatly split into three main areas:

1. Facilitation
All experienced trainers are skilled in facilitating groups in face to face environments. They need to learn how to achieve the same effect and impact in a live virtual environment. This means learning how to engage and interact with delegates whilst, at the same time, manipulating the webinar tools and features available in order to control and drive that environment. Ultimately they need to give their delegates a valuable and powerful learning experience.

2. Content Design
Webinar content needs to be designed for a live virtual medium – it relies on the use of graphics and is often more heavily slide based. Evaluation tools and tests need to be designed to boost and enrich the learning experience. Interactive exercises, feedback and questioning need to be incorporated into the content to create an engaging experience which helps embed the learning.

3. Using the Technology
There are many software tools with similar features available provided by Citrix, Microsoft, Cisco and others. The set-up of webinar sessions, the evaluation and the use of tools has to be mastered so the trainer can confidently create a live webinar environment that sings!

Also webinars needed to be planned carefully to ensure that all delegates have the correct technical resources to participate.

Often the presenter will need to be assisted by a technical colleague who ensures that delegates receive their logins and can access the training without any problems – leaving the presenter free to concentrate on delivery and maintaining the training pace and momentum.

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