As we accelerate at full throttle through the second decade of the 21st century, environmental issues, new technology, population change, international conflict and health and safety, are just a few of the external challenges affecting the world of work. 

During these turbulent times, in what has become a global economy, resilience is increasingly recognised as integral to both the survival and success of any organisation.

The 2016 Division of Occupational Psychology (DOP) Conference is themed ‘Resilience in a challenging world’ and offers a unique opportunity for the HR community to engage with the latest insight and practices in the industry.

Here are seven ways resilience is shaping HR and how you can benefit from attending the DOP conference.

1.             Leadership, engagement and motivation

Businesses are recognising the importance of developing strong and resilient leaders that can readily embrace the challenge of engaging and motivating a workforce within an uncertain and ambiguous climate.

In turn, HR has a significant role to play in the selection and development of the employees from the top-down.

Why is resilience important?

A variety of sessions and workshops at the conference offer the opportunity to learn more about resilience and how it can be assessed, shaped and developed within the workplace. Delegates will also gain insight into what organisations are doing today to make this happen.

2.       Well-being and work

Now more than ever, employees are expected to be both flexible and agile in response to working within a rapidly changing global market.

It therefore comes as no surprise that workplace stress is an ongoing problem for organisations and presents a significant cost. In fact, findings from the Chartered Institute of Personnel Development (CIPD) showed that stress is one of the biggest causes of long-term absence. 

There are ways in which these costs can be reduced and your employee well-being enhanced.

Did you know mindfulness could help individuals to better manage their work-life balance?

The well-being and work strand at the DOP conference will include sessions providing fresh insight into the ways in which individuals and organisations can develop and sustain the resilience of their employees to ensure optimal performance and well-being all round.

3.       Learning, training and development

Many organisations continue to increase their L&D budgets to better ensure that their employees are equipped with the skills to face both the competition and the complexities of the modern work environment.

Delegates have the opportunity to sign up to some exciting CPD workshops that will be taking place at the conference. Some of these will also provide delegates with the opportunity to attain a professional qualification upon completion.

4.       Research design, analytical techniques and practical applications

To stay ahead of the competition in any market, innovation is key. What are you doing differently with your employees compared to your competitors?

Access cutting edge research and ideas from the business psychology sphere and learn more about what some of the innovative ideas and concepts offered by the industry look like in practice, both within the private and public sectors.

5.       Work design, organisational change and development

Globalisation, socio-technical trends and a greater need for collaboration within organisations, are just a few things impacting the organisational landscape.

Organisations are showing interest in creating workspaces that enhance both the comfort and performance of their employees in addition to building a resilient workforce that can respond positively to the unpredictability of the global market.

Learn more at the conference about the relationship between personality and the ‘modern’ office, evidence-based resilience building and gain some insight into the role of resilience in harnessing change within the workplace.

6.       Psychological assessment at work

Businesses are now recognising that employing the ‘wrong’ person into a role presents a significant cost both tangibly and intangibly to the organisation.

The insight has further encouraged organisations to explore the ‘best’ way of hiring for themselves, to reduce the astronomical costs associated with making a bad-hiring decision.

Psychological assessment is of interest to organisations who are embracing the idea that psychometrics offer valuable insight in selection and development decisions. 

Did you know personality assessment can be used to predict agility in a crisis? Or that mobile phone games can be used to assess work performance?  Find out more about how psychological assessment at work could benefit your organisation.

7.       Professional affairs and awards

Listen to speeches from world-renowned, award winning keynote speakers including, but not limited to; Professor Steve Peters, author of best-selling personal development book, ‘The Chimp Paradox’, talking about optimising the performance of the human mind.

Professor Donald Truxillo will also be in attendance to discuss the implications of the aging population for the world of work. With a wide variety of keynotes and speakers, you won’t want to miss the January 2016 DOP annual conference.

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