Many colleges are now running Supported Experiments action research cycles in order to promote innovation and dissemination of good practice amongst teachers. And the model itself is a great way to encourage the sharing of ideas between groups of teachers who may not usually meet.

However, in my work supporting over twenty colleges with their cycles, I have noticed that sometimes there is not enough focus in the planning stage on how good practice will be shared at the end of the cycle itself. One of the great benefits of this model is that it can lead to a bank of reflections and resources that teachers can use for years to come but this is only possible if planning and implementation makes it happen.

So how can good practice from experiment cycles get shared more effectively? Here are a few ideas to consider: 

Sharing ideas in this way helps teachers to bring something fresh to their delivery and this can be beneficial both in terms of motivation for the teacher and the learning experience for the students.

I notice that at national events for practitioners, there is often a great deal of useful informal sharing of ideas and tips. So I’m very pleased to be presenting with Geoff Petty at an event in the autumn related to improving learning as this will be a great opportunity to share ideas with others from the sector. Click here for more information.

I’m very interested to hear from other practitioners about good ways of sharing ideas across schools and colleges so please either leave a comment or contact me directly on:

DL: 020 7492 5391
M: 07920 291 383

E: [email protected]

Written by Joanne Miles, Managing Consultant, LSN

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