The art of workplace negotiation is necessary to master if we are all to avoid having major in-house bust ups (and even more major HR headaches), and for me this is about having an awareness and focussing your thinking on your own emotions and the emotions of others at work.

There is a difference, however, between negotiating and being rude, but maybe someone should tell Karen Brady that. Last night on The Apprentice, she spoke about Jamie’s successful negotiating skills as being “never take no for an answer’ and “persistent”. 
But surely effective negotiation within the walls of a business requires the following ingredients:
Self management and relationship management are hugely important when it comes to negotiating and influencing, and people in the workplace who demonstrate an ability to do this manage their impulsive feelings and stressful emotions well, and also stay composed, positive and calm even in trying moments.
I’d be interested to from others in the HR arena whether in-house disputes ever arise from poor negotiations at work.