Recognise This! – Employee recognition is not a grab for attention. It’s a powerful way to motivate and encourage employees by communicating their value within the organisation.

Why is employee recognition important? There are many reasons, not least among them the ability to reinforce company values and strategic objectives through frequent, timely, specific recognition.

One reason not often discussed, however, is recognition helps employees feel valued. A recent article in TVNewsCheck noted:

    “Employee recognition programmes work. They help employees to feel that their contributions and efforts are valued by the company and make a difference in meeting company goals. Programmes where employees are nominated by their peers are particularly effective. As [Anna] Schiefer [human resources director for McGraw-Hill] observed, it only takes a few minutes to compose a personal note thanking or recognising an employee, and the return on that investment is quantifiable and significant.”

Too often, people view recognition as a grab for attention. It is not. Employees (at all levels) need to know their work is necessary, needed, valued and appreciated. Recognition is the optimal means for conveying that value and appreciation — preferably frequently, specifically and as soon after the event worthy of recognition as possible.

Increasing productivity whilst keeping headcount the same is a primary goal of CEOs (as reported by Hay Group). Employees are wearing thin. Simple acknowledgment and appreciation of hard work well done is something we all need if we are to keep delivering at the top of our game.

Do you feel valued at work? What do your colleagues or managers do (or do you wish they did) that make you feel valued and appreciated?

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