With the changing industry trends, the need for having a responsible HR system has increased.

The roles and responsibilities of HR have changed drastically over the last decade. While the former HR focused only on recruiting and compensation, the current industry expects them to be accountable for ensuring employee engagement and manage various aspects of employee on-boarding like training, providing them with necessary resources, collecting feedback, monitor the training etc.

HRs not only carry a lot of administrative burden but also struggle with improving employee morale. Sometimes all these responsibilities can be overwhelming and may lead to burnout in the HR department.

Every HR personnel joins the industry with a desire to change or transform the work culture and improve workplace productivity but only a few sustain this drive. One of the most common issues pointed against the HR department is that they do a lot of low-value work that doesn’t  directly contribute to workplace productivity and their work seems to be disconnected from the actual work in the company.

Do you feel that the HR department in your company is failing or experiencing a burnout? Here are a few signs that can suggest if your HR team is overwhelmed or close to failure.

They Don’t Know What Employees Do

HR department is responsible for managing employees and for various other activities like employee performance evaluation, employee recognition programs etc. For them to carry out these activities effectively, HR managers need to understand what their employees do and gain  knowledge about various roles at their organization.

It can get really stressful for employees if the HR gives them blank stares when they talk about their job. It is damaging to have an HR personnel who doesn’t know what their employees exactly do and who aren’t clear about what they are looking for.

They Are Always In A Bad Mood

Communication is one of the most important aspects of any business. There is a greater need for communication now than ever before. The Human Resources department is designed to enhance communication between the managers and employees. If your HR manager is always in a bad mood, and you cannot communicate your concerns and suggestions with them without getting upset, then your HR department has got problems. This is one of the most common signs of stress and overwork and needs to be addressed before it affects the organizational productivity directly.

They Never Approve An Exception/ Or A New Idea

If your HR department does everything their way and dismisses other opinions, then it is visible that they are failing the employees. The HR department should value the insights from their employees and aim to utilize the strengths of their every employee and meet the organizational goals.

You Try To Avoid Them

Employees are often advised to contact the HR personnel if they have any concerns. If your coworkers and you are trying to avoid the HR department when it comes to reporting an issue or raising a concern, then it is clear that they aren’t responding or acting the way they should be.

It’s Always About The Money

It is known that most decisions that are made in Human Resource department have a financial significance. It is understandable that the HR department needs to keep the financial compatibility in mind but if they are prioritizing financial concerns over employee engagement, employee rewards and other employee related processes, then the HR department needs to reevaluate itself.

Their Leadership Habits Suck

Not everyone is good at being a leader, but there are a few things that totally push employees over the edge. Some HR managers tend to have leadership habits that really do more damage than good to their employees. Habits like taking credit for someone else’s good work, not recognizing or appreciating good  work by employees, not being able to provide regular feedback or responding to feedback immediately are a few examples of leadership habits that a HR manager shouldn’t have.

If these habits are the pillars of your HR department, then it’s time to change that!