Do you think social media is for only kids? In that case, you need a reality check, my mate. 

The Manifest survey states that more than 80% of every generation uses social media today. 

It shows 88% of millennials, 81% of Generation Xers, 86% of baby boomers, and 89% of Gen-Zers are active on social media. 

Since the present workforce mostly consists of baby boomers, millennials, and the first generation of Gen-Zers; thus, it is essential for HR leaders to include social media in their marketing strategies. 

Social media allows HR to build a humane employer brand. In addition, it helps companies to better connect with freshers and professionals. 

That’s why companies like Facebook, Adobe, Qualtrics, and Dell are using social media to attract global talent. 

So, if you want to find competent employees in this remote/hybrid work environment, you need to revive your HR philosophy in 2022. You need to invest in social media to amplify your HR marketing plan. 

This post will throw light on the top 6 social media marketing strategies that HR leaders can leverage in 2022. So, let’s see how to attract talented people to your company. 

6 Tips to Create Powerful HR Social Media Marketing Plan in 2022

Social media is a powerful tool in the HR team’s hand to present themselves as an employee-centric brand. It allows companies to directly interact with potential employees and motivate them to join them. It is also a great way to keep your employees engaged and motivated throughout their journey. 

However, to leverage social media, HR marketers have to adopt a unique and personalized approach that can woo freshers and professionals at the same time. 

Here are these 6 tips that can help you ready your company social media accounts to impress potential employees:

1. Build a consistent brand tone

First of all, you need to create a consistent brand tone across all your social media pages. Your brand message and values should look the same on all targeted social media platforms. 

That’s because the same people might follow you on different social media platforms. So, having different messages on two social media portals can confuse your followers. 

Suppose you have introduced a new employee recognition program in your organization. In that case, while promoting it on your different social media handles, use the same content style, colors, and other design elements. 

To be consistent in your approach, you should document your social media marketing strategies. This way, your Facebook, Instagram, or LinkedIn managers can follow the same brand tone. While documenting your brand tone, ask yourself:

2. Boost your employer’s efforts 

Are you taking big steps to improve your employee experience? Do you care about your employees’ well-being? 

Then, how will the world know it unless you tell the details?

So, use social media or other online platforms to tell the world — what you are doing to make your employees engaged and engrossed in their work. Use relevant IG hashtags to boost their post reach. The team at gaming studio Solitaire Bliss, for instance, wrote and shared about their efforts on how they were improving employee engagement

As another example, Google has posted a picture of an interview taker on its Instagram page with a caption telling how Google interviews are like chats, not dreadful events. 

This simple post helps to portray Google as an employee-friendly that newbies and freshers can approach without any hesitation. Therefore, Google receives around 3 million job applications every year, which is way more than any other technology company.

So, take inspiration from Google and rave about your employer brand and efforts on social media. 

3. Automate your HR marketing 

If you are serious about using social media to boost your HR marketing efforts, invest in some marketing tools right away. 

It is impossible to plan marketing strategies, post schedules, and monitor ROI on different social media channels without adequate tools. 

On the top, every social media platform’s algorithm simulates different types of content. For example, the LinkedIn algorithm prefers long-form text content. On the flip side, Twitter wants short but multiple posts per day, and Instagram needs engaging visuals to reach the masses. 

Therefore, to plan, create, schedule, and monitor your HR marketing across different social media platforms, you need to acquire the right social media marketing tools. You can integrate a live chat tool with your website for instant messaging to your visitors.

You should select social media tools based on:

4. Be creative when advertising a job position 

If you want a large number of people to apply for your advertised job position, you have to create excitement about the job. Simple job description with what, why, who, and when is not sufficient to create buzz on social media. 

You have to use creative methods like videos and photos to motivate talented people to apply for the job in your company. You also have to use a user-friendly tone for advertising your job position. 

For instance, Fiverr, an online marketplace for freelancers has used quirky videos to portray itself as a cool employer brand. They have created short videos making fun of generic recruitment methods to motivate people to work with them.

5. Focus on employee-generated content 

User-generated content has turned out to be a great social media marketing strategy for many B2C and B2B brands to increase their social engagement. 

However, for HR marketing, employee-generated content can work as reviews. When your current employees share their experiences and stories on social media, it will help to promote your employer’s brand. 

It is a very helpful HR marketing tactic for improving your employee engagement. Due to this potential employees will be motivated to apply for your job position after seeing your employees’ good reviews, experience, and overall journey in your organization. 

In addition, you can ask your staff to share their day-to-day or special company events photos on social media, which you can further reshare on the company’s official page. 

6. Snoop on your potential employees

Yep, a little snooping around your potential employees’ social media activities can help you understand their pain points. You can understand what people want from their employers. And you can use this information to address those issues through your social media posts. 

Here you can take inspiration from Microsoft. In a recent survey, Microsoft found that 40% of the global workforce would consider switching jobs in the next year. Out of which, 55% of employees’ decisions will be affected by the workplace environment. 

To honor this information, Microsoft starts posting pictures like this on Instagram, where they highlight their cool office ambiance and decor. 

Social Media and HR Marketing — Goes Hand in Hand 

HR marketers can’t avoid social media any longer. They need to draft a proper social media marketing plan to build a progressive employer brand. Without a social media presence, you can’t attract new talent to work for you. 

Social media marketing can help companies to hire competent employees faster and more effectively. It can even allow HR to hire remote employees from anywhere around the globe.