Dear HRzoners

It’s hard to begin this, but I have to inform you that this is my last week as Editor.

You’ve been a wonderful bunch and the team here at Sift Media have been the best. But it’s time I moved on.

You’ll be pleased to hear I have not been caught up in the phone hacking scandal, rather, I will be continuing in my community-minded line of work in another position.

Thank you, all, for reading articles, commenting on articles, contributing articles, submitting blogs, starting discussions and generally being jolly nice to each other and making my life pleasant and sometimes, giving me moments where I just want to scoop you all up and actually hug you. Even if that might make you slightly uncomfortable.

Some of the best things about the HRzone community, in my opinion, is that when you think someone has overstepped the line, you march in, together. Someone needs advice? You are there. An unfair work practice? You defend the victim. I don’t expect any member to agree with or love every aspect of the site, but the way in which the community responds to us – and each other – makes it a very special place.

And we’ve had a lot of fun too. Hunting the Robin, rubbishing business jargon, learning new things and exploring new things like social media. I can’t name all the members I’ve met, but it’s been the best part of my job to meet you ‘in real life’ and interact with you online.

Don’t ever change. Become bigger, better and learn more, but always be the community for everyone in human resources.

The fun isn’t over yet, because I can tell you now that we have a wonderful replacement. Cath Everett, who has diligently been sniffing out news for us for a while now, is going to take over from me and build on what we have so far. Please welcome her as Editor and keep up the amazing work you have been doing for the past 11 years.

My last day is tomorrow, 22 July. For those of you who have become Twitter friends, I will remain @charlie_elise, but Cath will take over the @HRzone account.

If you want to get in touch with Cath, you can email [email protected].

Cath will settle in and then start her own Editor’s blog.

Once again; thank you, and my very best to you all and Cath as she takes over.

Kindest regards

Charlie Duff

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