The corporate culture has changed drastically after globalization. Organizations now exist in an arena where the web solves all corporate problems. It is a world where mobile phone has become a backbone to business houses. Social networking sites rule the consumer market. So, analyzing these aspects, e-learning software companies have designed social learning application tools. These application tools help firms create effective knowledgeable experience for workers.

Social learning is all about gaining knowledge and insights through networking. Highly adept workers are way ahead of average performers in terms of generating business output. They know that the key to the zenith lies in apt networking. They gain much more via socialization than through reading of training content. Possessing knowledge about things is wise. However, when workers do not have full knowledge about an industry affair, they fulfill their know-how gap by doing networking. Linking with experts who have profound knowledge on industrial trends, is a sagacious act. One can figure out tactics to come out of an organizational issue by doing such networking.

Many organizational reports state that companies emphasizing on networking activities record higher profits every year. Sales professionals can learn useful selling tactics from industry experts via networking. This way they can bring in more prospective clients for companies. While networking with the experts marketing professionals can extract useful insights from them on the scope of expanding business and current market scenario. If workers can generate positive results through networking, then organizations should let them do it. Imagine the profit figures when about 1000 workers of an organization are doing the connecting task. Networking tools help workers to stay-put with updates from industry experts. Via networking application tools workers can ask their queries to experts. Also, experts connecting via these tools encourage working professionals to discuss organizational issues faced by them.

Such learning techniques are less theoretical in approach. The higher the level of application the greater is the positive outcome. Companies do flamboyant investment in setting up formal training environments. The content prepared is also very theoretical and lacks applicability. This is the reason for the failure of workers to convert their know-how into effective practice. Knowledge is effective when it is behavioral. The aim is training is to alter the behavior and perception of workers in a constructive way. This theory is known as the triangulation model. According to this model, workers gain know-how via triangulation of – need, people and context. Knowledge gained by workers get a meaningful context when it receives public exposure. Through public exposure one can double his knowledge base and efficiency. Via networking tools of e-learning management companies workers can find out ways to put their knowledge into practice. Industry experts connecting via networking tools e-learning management firms suggest useful ways to put know-how into effective use.

E-learning software networking tools help workers to get access to articles, blogs, seminars and conversations on emerging trends in industry. Staying updated with such important information enhances the potential of a workforce hugely.

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