Recognise This! – A company with a culture built on positivity, goodwill and appreciation is uniquely able to help others foster and manage similarly based cultures.

I am proud to be a part of the Globoforce team for many reasons – the clients I have the honor to consult with, the people I have the privilege to work with every day, and the culture we have built together over the years. That culture is the most powerful motivating force for all of us to help other companies achieve a similar culture of recognition and appreciation as they come to understand the true power of “thanks.”

Of course, our powerful culture is led from the top by our CEO, Eric Mosley, who was featured in the Worcester Telegram and Gazette, a major newspaper near our US headquarters outside of Boston, Mass. In Sunday’s article, Eric commented:

“Companies are realizing the more they can foster a positive environment, the more they will build morale, build energy levels in the employee base, and engage employees, and therefore perform better as companies…

“We’re delighted to be in the ‘Thank You’ business. We sell positivity. It’s really a fantastic experience to come to work every day and help companies spread goodwill. We’re in a great position because the whole world’s waking up to the fact that people respond better to positive reinforcement. The more that happens, the more our business will flourish and the happier the world’s workforces will be.”

The full article is worth a read for more on our own culture of positivity at Globoforce and our goals to continue to help organisations around the world create positivity dominated workplaces, too.

How would you describe your organisation culture? How do you help create that culture every day?

(Image Credit: Paul Connors, Telegram & Gazette)