Recognise This! – The only qualifier for needing recognition in the workplace is being a member of the human race.

Last week I had the pleasure of co-presenting with Thad Peterson the results of the Globoforce Spring 2012 Mood Tracker survey (which tracks the perceptions of full-time, currently employed U.S. workers). Now available on demand, the webinar revealed quite a few interesting results and I shared my thoughts around the trends we’re seeing over time with these surveys.

Here are just a few of the highlights from the webinar.

Recognition is a universal desire.

This last point deserves to be more deeply examined. I’m not surprised by these generational results. Recognition is something we all need. As I often say, the only qualifier for needing recognition in the workplace is being a member of the human race. As my colleague, Thad, commented, “So all of the companies out there that are hiring humans, this applies.”

Frequent recognition is key.

This proves that so many employees function in a recognition desert in their workplaces. Frequency of recognition is a very important topic because the frequency with which you reach out to and engage employees is critical to a successful recognition programme. When people tell me their “good” recognition programme only recognises 20% of employees once or twice a year, I have to inform them that, in fact, they have merely a superficial programme where you really need to be a superhero to get recognised. This type of programme isn’t going to move any critical business metrics or have any real impact on engagement or performance.

This is also a fundamental question on engagement surveys – that your manager understands and appreciates what you do at work. Increasing positive responses to this question will increase your overall engagement results.

A few other highlights:

Take a few minutes to watch the webinar for more results and how this impacts your workforce and your organsiation.

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