Imagine if you found a new, safe and cheap energy source that produced no emissions and could replace gasoline tomorrow. If you – and only you – started using it to power your car, how much impact would that make in the world?

Very little.

But what if you told everyone about it and everyone started using it? Then how much of an impact would that make?

A lot.

That same, simple concept can be used in the hiring process as well. The goal should be to come up with a great hiring process, something HR focuses on already. But then, the key is to use technology to standardize that hiring process across the company, so everyone is using that same cheap, clean energy (metaphorically speaking).

The Best Way To Standardize Your Hiring Process

Many larger companies today already use an ATS to help them track candidates during hiring as one way to standardize their process. But that merely tracks candidates and does little to control the candidate experience, the interview format and then the actual shortlisting and hiring of people.

That’s where candidate screening software comes in. If used correctly, the HR team can control the hiring process for all positions, creating the interviews and even automating candidate engagement, so the same effective process is being used company-wide.

Everyone using the same clean and cheap energy source.

Think about that. If every hire – or at least every type of position – goes through the same process, you can begin to predict results. You know that people that score high in one area will make better employees than others, as an example. And that is going to lead to a very reliable hiring process that finds great people and avoids disasters.

Conversely, you can avoid conflicts as well. If all hires have to go through the same process, you avoid – or at least limit – favoritism and nepotism.

On top of that, it makes life easier for your hiring managers as well. While they still have the ability to select candidates based off of their own needs, they now have a set practice in place that does most of the heavy lifting for them.

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