I admire the athletes who this week have made the decision to not attend the commonwealth games in India. Not necessarily because I think it’s the right decision but because it’s the right decision for them and they didn’t allow other factors to stop them from making the decision.

Many of these athletes have worked for years to prepare for this event – for many this might be the last time for them to perform in such an event – and yet they still made the decision to not go. It won’t have been easy. I’m sure there will have been many trying to convince them otherwise. So hats off, hands clapped and backs patted for their making the decision and sticking to it.

In business I hear too many times that things can’t change. Normally, just as with the athletes, it’s because a lot of time and effort has been invested in the current outcome. Unfortunately until we start saying NO to the unacceptable and following what’s right for us then the unacceptable will continue to claim the high ground (if that’s not mixing too many metaphors?).

So next time you accept the unacceptable because it will….

…think again. It’s time to start trusting and acting on your convictions not just thinking about it.

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