Learning Maestro is an on-demand Internet-hosted talent development solution that enables organizations to capture, create, manage and share knowledge to improve workforce productivity, accelerate critical business processes, and drive organizational performance. The system centralizes and automates the entire learning management process, making the administration of enterprise learning and development both effective and efficient. Learning Maestro’s ease-of-use and streamlined approach to managing learning is widely recognized in the learning industry. 

As an integrated suite of Web-based tools, Learning Maestro helps organizations assess, deliver and measure enterprise learning and development:
   Assess organizational and individual competencies, deficiencies and training needs using a variety of powerful tools, including online testing and survey instruments, talent development and performance management tools.
    Deliver required training initiatives to address identified performance and learning needs using the most appropriate method (e-learning, classroom, self-study webcast, mentoring, blended, etc.).
    Measure learning effectiveness, impact on productivity, business results and return on investment.

Whitepaper:  SumTotal Learning Maestro – Powerful Simplicity (PDF)