Tomorrow What Goes Around will be one year old. Has it really been a year? Yes it has. September the first is our birthday. We’ll come back to the celebrations later. For now, I want to share three things that I’ve focussed on and worked at to help What Goes Around survive and thrive this past year. Three among the many that I’ve practiced in the last twelve months. And I would really appreciate it if you could do the same. Tell us three things you’ve practised to help you survive and thrive. I’m publishing this note on a number of networks. I’ll collate all the replies, and share them in a little ebook. Everything will be included, and of course, everyone gets a namecheck, a weblink, whatever works best for you. Here goes:


The folk I know, and have learnt to know, and am learning to know fascinate me. I was going to write “My Network” as the title, but it isn’t. It’s ours. A network is something to contribute to, and take from, and most importantly, to look after for you, and everyone in it. Connecting interesting and useful people purposefully. Joe Strummer said “Without People, You’re Nothing”. He was right. Look after the network, love the network.


What’s done is done. Folk make decisions that don’t always go your way, or maybe they don’t even make decisions. And once they do make decisions, they rarely change their minds. So you can invest a huge amount of time wondering why not. Or you can look ahead to what next. I try and learn from what has happened in order to make better decisions next time. And I’m getting much better at not beating myself up about it.


Sh*t happens. I’ve written before about losing my Mum just before I turned 18. Yes this made me angry, yes this made me sad. And sometimes it still does. Most of all though it made me even more proud to be my Mother’s Son, and it still does. Approaching people and opportunities with genuine interest is motivating. I believe that being overwhelmingly (and yet not permanently) positive helps to make good things happen.

So there you have it. Three things among the many I’ve practiced in the last twelve months. It’s our birthday tomorrow, maybe we’ll have cake. Now, how was it for you?

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