Susan G. Komen for the Cure supports breast and cervical cancer support financing, but not Planned Parenthood, if the financial books mean anything. CEO Nancy Brinker shrugs it off, however, claiming there has been a “gross mischaracterization” of the specifics. Article resource: Susan Komen attempts to deflect heat from Planned Parenthood decision

Three of 19 clinics will still get money

As reported by Brinker, 16 of the 19 Prepared Parenthood clinics to which Susan G. Komen for the Cure contributed financial support will be defunded. The remaining three clinics will continue to get funding “because they are the only services available to low-income women in their communities,” Brinker said. The other 16 clinics will continue to obtain financing through the end of 2012 without interruption and then will be cut off.

An exception given to one

One of the privileged few Planned Parenthood clinics that will continue to obtain financing from Susan G. Komen for the Cure is the Denver chapter, reports USA Today. It has been granted an “exception” that will last from April 1, 2012 through March 31, 2013, at which time the viability of financing will be discussed again by Susan G. Komen personnel.

It is good news that the Denver Planned Parenthood clinic will continue to get financing. This is because Colorado’s state budget cuts made cuts to breast and cervical cancer screenings, as reported by the Denver chapter statement.

“The community is looking to Komen Denver Affiliate to provide the services the state can no longer fund,” the statement reads.

Unrest in CT

Via Facebook, a representative of Susan G. Komen’s CT affiliate expressed concern that any investigation of redirected funds be resolved easily. Critics hope that investigation will lead to a quick resolution of the problem of Susan G. Komen withholding money that was once given without reservation.

“We understand, and share, in the frustration around this situation. We hope that any investigation prohibiting Planned Parenthood from receiving Komen grants is promptly resolved,” noted the statement.

Statement from Brinker

Defunding the clinics has brought on a ton of anger from the public. During the last two days, donations have doubled to Komen though, as reported by Brinker. Brinker did not explain where the money came from.

“We haven’t defunded Planned Parenthood,” she said. “We still have three grants that we’ve committed to, at least through another year until the end of the grant cycle.”

Nancy Brinker defends defunding


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